triple power of plants
in collaboration with Audrey Tan and Seb Temple
29 July - 9 September 2023
Goolugatup Gallery

Catalogue text by Dee Parker

Catalogue design: Guy Louden
Documentation: artdoc (Dan McCabe) and Guy Louden

hazy sensations
bending with each other in the wind
moods that are affected by the food we ingest
the weather fizzing through our skin
the swirling of drifting tides
small smile
contained within this, a dream
a semblance of meaning through exchanges across visual language Power of Plants_23_web.jpg Power of Plants_22_web.jpg Power of Plants_09_web.jpg Power of Plants_02_web.jpg Power of Plants_03_web.jpg Power of Plants_04_web.jpg Power of Plants_20_web.jpg Power of Plants_05_web.jpg Power of Plants_06_web.jpg Power of Plants_16_web.jpg Power of Plants_15_web.jpg Power of Plants_11_web.jpg Power of Plants_21_web.jpg Power of Plants_14_web.jpg Power of Plants_07_web.jpg Power of Plants_17_web.jpg Power of Plants_10_web.jpg Power of Plants_08_web.jpg Power of Plants_13_web.jpg Power of Plants_18_web.jpg Power of Plants_19_web.jpg copy_v3.jpg Power of Plants_12_web.jpg